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Hey gals, this is an amzing serial which i want u 2 see, it's a story about a boy Bhaskar who alwyz cheats gals n takes them for granted. But there is a twist in the story..God made him a girl..! Now Bharti is facing the problems that every girl has 2 face in her normal life. This way,God wants him 2 b more understanding and responsible. Will he b able 2 understand the cry of a woman?
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From Monday - Thursday, 9 pm..


          Ragini Khanna (Bharti)


           Eijaz Khan (Bhaskar)


       Aamir Ali Malik


        Aanchal Sabharwal (Payal)


             Jai Kalra (Gyan)


     Vivek Mushran (Amarjeet Sir)


         Preeti Amin (Geeta)



                  Rukhsar (Vinita)

Recommended 4 u:

1st episode
The episode begins with Hirabai introducing Narayan to employees in the office. But strangely, the office is empty. All senior employees, Gyaan, Vinita, Amarjeet, Armaan, Sunny and Ketaki are in a meeting.

They are waiting for Bhaskar's approval to finalise the cover of their magazine, but nobody knows where he is. The wait continues, Amarjeet gets furious, he orders Gyan to call up Bhaskar.

Episode 2

Bhaskar yells on seeing himself turn into a woman. Payal rushes out, she looks at Bhaskar , or rather Bharti and faints. In Bhaskar office, employees eagerly await his arrival as he is slated to make a very important presentation. Payal criticises Bhaskar for breaking Geeta's heart, she believes this is a result of Geeta's curse. They set out in search of Geeta but Bhaskar keeps getting frenetic calls from his office. Finally, they manage to find Geeta's house, just then, Bhaskar gets another call from his office. Bhaskar and Payal, both look worried.

Episode 3

Payal and Bhaskar knock on Geeta door, Purva opens the door. She tells them that Geeta had spent the night at the temple. On reaching the temple, the caretaker tells them that Geeta had left for Dadar station, vowing never to return to Mumbai.

Bhaskar and Payal rush to the station, they manage to find Geeta just in time. Bhaskar explains everything, pleads with her to take the curse back, she refuses. Disappointed, Bhaskar returns to his apartment, finds KK there. He decides he will go to office and make a presentation as Bharti, Bhaskar's cousin.

Montages show Bhaskar changing into Bharti. But she is late for the presentation, she rushes out of the elevator, trips and falls right into Armaan's arms.

Episode 4

Bharti falls right into Armaan arms, she feels tremendously awkward and walks away hurriedly. There is absolute chaos in the office, Mr. Raichura threatens to leave, and just then Bharti enters. She tells him that she will do the presentation, she does. Everyone is thoroughly impressed, especially Mr. Raichura. While everyone is wondering who the new girl is, Bharti enters the men’s toilet, but luckily no one notices.

Payal can’t stop laughing when Bhaskar tells him that Mr. Raichura wants to have dinner with him. That night, Payal and Bharti go to a pub. Bharti orders a drink, he gets high and visualises KK as the barman and sees Bharti’s reflection in the mirror but believes it is Bhaskar. But his misconception comes crashing down as he realises that he is still in the guise of Bharti, shock grips his face and the frame freezes.

Episode 5

At the bar, Bhaskar creates a ruckus on not finding the barman. Payal somehow manages to take him home. At office, Bharti is asked by Amarjeet to go out for dinner with Raichura. She refuses, but so does Amarjeet. He tells Bharti that come what may, she has to get the contract signed from Raichura, for which she has to go out with Raichura. To top it all, Gyaan tries to flirt with Bharti, she slaps him! Meanwhile, Gyaan convinces Raichura that he should take Bharti to his farmhouse. Once there, Bharti realises Raichura’s lecherous intentions, she escapes him, hides in the bathroom and calls Payal for help.

Episode 6

Raichura is about to enter the bathroom, when the doorbell rings. It’s Kookie, Raichura’s wife; she suspects the presence of another woman in the house. Sensing her chance, Bharti forces Raichura to sign the contract and then escapes. Next morning, when she gets up, she turns into Bhaskar. He is happy, but the moment he goes to call Payal, he becomes Bharti again. Amarjeet praises Bharti for the contract, but informs her of the condition. As per the contract, Bharti has to work under Raichura only. Bharti is horrified; she describes Raichura’s lecherous behaviour the previous night. Before Amarjeet can reply, Raichura enters. He tells Bharti that after her smart move the previous night, he is all the more determined to pursue her and will do so till she relents. Bharti is left speechless.

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